Okay...let me explain about my new blog...."the Crayon Profiler"....I was talking with a friend, discussing a new look for my blog and this is what I came up with....I was telling her a story of when I was a little girl and my favorite thing on earth was crayons....I loved every color, and being a lover of crayons, I loved the color RED....but it was such a dominate color and all the kids wanted to use it because they wanted to stand out....and so I felt sorry for the color PINK....it wasn't used as much ....so I chose to use the color PINK (the underdog color of crayons)....and what do I do today, I try to help the underdog's (those less fortunate than I am....I am not calling them dogs)....so I was telling my friend KIM, I bet I can tell a lot about a person by the color of crayons they used as a kid...thus "The Crayon Profiler"....the only thing I can't figure out yet is why I like black....I think it represents my strange sense of humor that is a little weird, according to some people

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My Purchases from Canton

I went to Canton with Paul, Kim and Max to make a really great find...I actually went there to see a particular woman who I had been trying to purchase something online through Jaci's blog in one of her older posts...I loved what she put on her bedroom wall that said, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"...I went to the web-site that Jaci provided and loved what I saw for my friend Kim's little girl's room...there was a saying out of Jeremiah that said, " Before you were born, I knew you"...I knew that I had to get it for her.

I called and tried to purchase it through the web-site and my pay pal account wouldn't go through for some reason so I called her...she was such a sweet lady and she told me that she would be in Canton for the weekend...I chose to visit her there and actually meet her in person...and she made it for me on the spot...it took about an hour to make it so we decided to go eat and shop some more and then come back to get it...I can't wait for you all to see it...you will love it.

I will have a picture of that particular purchase once it is up and my new blog has been created...I am going to celebrate by having a huge giveaway from this company that does this...I am so excited about it...I am making some changes on my blog and I cannot wait.

It had been years since I had been to Canton and I didn't remember it being so huge...the last time I was there...it was brand new and just starting out if that tells you anything...I was overwhelmed by excitement and made almost all of my purchases before going through my first pavillion because of the excitement...I had such a blast going from one booth to the next looking for great finds...I also had to find a birthday gift for my husband who has everything...I found the answer to the nagging question of what to get for a man who has everything...GO TO CANTON of course...you will surely find something that they do not have.

Below are just a few of my purchases of the day...I love them all...and can't wait to go back again soon.

This is my new eyeglass case...I had lost my old one and I love it.

I found this really cute hot pink passport book that I can keep my passport in when we go to Italy the end of September for my husband's World Championship race against 32 other countries...I want to look fancy with this brightly colored case...there is also room for my driver's license and other cards...I can have them all together when I go through all the check points instead of having to get them out one by one with a chance of dropping one and losing some identity...this will have it all together... it was only $10...one of my favorite purchases
Of course, you can't go to Canton and not get something for your grand baby's...I found this wonderful little Christmas smock dress for Alli...she loves modeling clothes if you can keep her still long enough to take a picture...I put it on her to take some pictures and she just kept running around the room, yelling like a little barracuda, because she was so excited.

This is the only way that I could get a close up picture...my son Zachary had to hold onto her...so that you can see the little candy canes going across the front of the dress....so precious.

This is the other little Christmas dress that I got for Alli...I barely got this picture because she was running around like a little ballerina...she was so precious in this dress and looked like a little angel.

This is better look at the back with the plaid bow...and the satin on the trim at the bottom...I got this dress at the same booth of the smock dress...I think it was one of my favorite booths of the day.

The dress that I have on is another one of my purchases...my husband has always wanted me to buy a red dress and when I saw this one..I fell in love with it...not only for the color but for the confortability and simplicity of it...I don't feel as though I stand out as much...another thing he loves me to wear is red lipstick...I hate it because I feel as though I am drawing attention to myself, although I love it on other women...just not myself...but I thought I would surprise my husband and show up at church with it on...he had to drive in from Dallas from work, so when he walked into church...he was surprised and shocked and complemented me all day....I always love that...this was another way that I could get Alli to stay still for a picture...she was precious in her little dress...If you are looking at my eyes and thinking that they really look green...please overlook it...I was playing around trying to get the red eye out and thought I would just play around and paint them green like they are a lot of times (they change colors depending on what I wear)...anyway, I was just playing around and planning on erasing it and then just getting rid of the red eye...but I accidentally saved it and I had already erased it from my camera and couldn't get it back...just don't enlarge it so that you can see how riduculous they really look.

I made one more purchase for the day, but I cannot post it until after my husband's birthday next week....I am afraid that he will look at my blog and see it...but let me tell you, I can't wait for him to open it so that I can use it...it is great!!!! I think that he will really LOVE it. When I post it, I will also list the web-site that you can buy one on...the man also said that you could say that you are a friend of Tammy Pearson who purchased on at Canton and you could receive the same price that I did at Canton...they are more expensive online....so just by going to the blog and reading mine, you can get a deal...How great is that.


Canton Trade Days

We started out the day in the first pavilion that we walked through finding all kinds of jewels...one of the first booths that we walked into was called "Tattle Tales" and they had just placed this blanket out for advertising...it just so happened to have Vivi's name on it...there are not too many names like Vivi monogrammed on anything...but if there is going to be one....Kim will find it.

As you can see...Kim was overwhelmed with emotion and so excited that she had found something with Vivi's name on it...Kim shared the story of their adoption of Vivi and the lady that owned the booth said it was meant to be and gave it to her at a much lower price....I learned a lot that day....give those that own these booths some good stories and they will really work with you on the prices and you don't have to jew them down, they will just offer....Kim had a special gift of doing that all day....I need to stick around her a little longer so that I can learn how to do it from her...she never meets a stranger and can talk to them as if she has known them for years.
After shopping all day...it was time to eat and eat Kim did, not one but two ears of corn....she loved the corn on the cob and ate two of them before you could say corn on the cob....before she had gotten back with her corn though...I had already scarfed down my corny dog so there is no picture of me eating.
To prepare for our day....I brought a Tide to Go pen...I finally got to use it on Kim's shirt as she dropped a little corn juice on her white shirt, no telling how yellow it would have been had I not had the Tide to Go pen...I was kind of hoping I would accidentally drop some mustard on my pants while I was eating my corny dog so that I could use it for the first time...no luck, I am just not a messy eater.
Having some fun with Max...while we are waiting to get my sign made....there was a huge fan and Max loved hearing himself talking in the fan...it made a great sound to him....so of course, Kim had to join in the singing...it was a priceless moment.
Max is on his dad's side and wanting something really bad here and I can't remember what it was...but he was so cute...I had to take a picture.
My future's so bright...I gotta wear shades.
While Kim was in the background buying a ton of bows for Vivi...Paul, Max and I sat down at a table next to her booth while she shopped and Max was getting ready to throw something in the trash can...this should have been a sign of what the day would be like after having so much fun and lots of shopping.
Having a little FUN!!!
Max and I having a little fun while mom and dad were shopping.
This was the sign I mentioned earlier...waiting on Kim as she shops...Kim is in the background shopping again...while we wait...my feet were killing me at this point...I sat in the child chairs that Paul and Kim bought and just set down, waiting on Kim.
Had to get this picture of Kim shopping in the toy booth that day on our way out....we saw them when we first came in and wanted to get the toys on the way out.
While Kim is shopping...I thought I would take a load off and prop my feet up.
Me waiting on Kim again.
Like I said earlier...Kim never meets a stranger and this is her just talking to her...I am sure she will know all about this lady and her family by the time she gets back to us.
Just waiting on Kim again while she gets the life history of the lady in the booth behind me.
Another trip to the toy booth.
Yes, you guessed it....waiting on Kim again.
while she shops for a King size mattress and they end up buying them....yeah...they got a great bargain on a Beauty rest pillow top mattress....they will love it.
I am tired and sweating at this point waiting on Kim again....still smiling though....I was going to name this blog waiting on Kim again....to play a joke on her....I looked for every opportunity to take pictures while she wasn't looking....I actually saw a lot of friends while I was there and one of them passed by while she was shopping for mattresses and I had her take this picture of me waiting on Kim again....she was laughing as she took my picture and I was trying so hard not to laugh, but there is a little smile of me thinking of what I was getting ready to do...she has gotten me so many times over the years and I just had to get her back....I will have to blog about the time that her, Mark and Amy got me really good with a fake camera that Mark had bought on ebay just to play a joke on me....I have been waiting for years to set something up....I am still thinking of something (this isn't it) but when I do, it will be big and really good....I do have a lot of blackmail pictures that she has been begging me not to put up....I love it....she should be very scared....VERY!!!!
After the day of shopping, burning up, shopping and then having buyers remorse....I had a bad headache and came prepared with BC Powder.
Finally felt better and had to get a refreshment...an Ice cold Coca Cola Icee....Yummmm
After the end of the day...everyone was tuckered out....Max had been so good the whole day....but I think he had had it and was out before we left Canton....so sweet and precious.
Believe it or not....Kim is actual ly sleeping like this....she should have a good crick in her neck when she wakes up....really, can you actually sleep like that? She wore me out and she is the one sleeping....what a Fun and Great day that we had though....we never got to meet up with Patti who was there or my friend Cathy....that place is as big as the Fair and you need walkie talkies while you are there because phone service is NOT good....we never could find each other....Too bad....I really wanted to see Avery, Patti's grand baby....and see all that they had bought....Can't wait to go again and am ready for the next month...oh wait, I can't go next month...I will be in Italy...maybe November...it will be crazy at that point with everyone shopping for Christmas.


Pillsbury Recipe

If you love cupcakes of any kind, you will really love these. This is my recipe for good cooking, short video, please watch.

You make me wear a smile!!!

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50th Wedding Anniversary

My mother's best friend Wally and her husband had their 50th wedding anniversary this past weekend. My mother was away working and so I filled in for her until she could get back to help with the party. We decorated, made invitations, and cleaned and I tell you what, this woman can run circles around me. It is totally embarrassing, to be almost 30 years younger and they can out do, out work, and out run you.
The day finally came with all the preparation and hundreds of people came through wishing them well. I have known Wally and Bryan my whole life, she is from Germany and he is from New York, and it is amazing they have lasted 50 years together. Talk about opposites, but then again, opposites attract. Same with my husband and myself.
The party was well attended and there was so much food, fruit, cake, champagne, punch and cold drinks. It was a great party. My job was to take pictures of everyone that came through and make sure that they signed into the guest book. I will not bother with uploading all the pictures, you wouldn't know who most of them were, I sure didn't. I was putting the wrong couples together while taking pictures. There were a few couples that didn't appreciate me taking their pictures, and some that were upset that I did anyway. That is what you have to go through when you greet people. I did however get to take all of the gifts and stand in a corner without having to move, my kind of job.

K.C. and Christopher (Bryan and Wally's kids). I am not sure where the red hair came in though. He is accused of looking like Waldo the dog more than his parents. Not really, he really looks like his dad, I am still not sure where the red hair came in though.

Wally with my youngest son Zachary.

KC and Chris showing their love for one another.


Max and Alli's Playdate

I took Alli to Max's house today for a play date. They set at the bar waiting for some food, anxiously waiting for Kim and I to feed them. After they ate a little food, they decided to play. Alli went crazy in Max's room full of toys, and Max was so sweet to share all of his toys making sure that Alli had a turn to hit his ball and play with his instruments. He was trying to take care of her like a big brother. I know that he will be a great brother looking after his new sister when she gets here. He is a little caretaker.
After we left Max's house from playing, I was feeding Alli and left her in her high chair. I was on the phone answering a call talking to a young man asking political questions from Texas Tech for a poll. I couldn't see her and thinking Chris had taken her in the other room playing, I didn't think about it. The call was pretty long. I finally got finished with the call and stood up and saw Alli in her high chair and had to take a few pictures. Her playdate with Max had tuckered her out.