Okay...let me explain about my new blog...."the Crayon Profiler"....I was talking with a friend, discussing a new look for my blog and this is what I came up with....I was telling her a story of when I was a little girl and my favorite thing on earth was crayons....I loved every color, and being a lover of crayons, I loved the color RED....but it was such a dominate color and all the kids wanted to use it because they wanted to stand out....and so I felt sorry for the color PINK....it wasn't used as much ....so I chose to use the color PINK (the underdog color of crayons)....and what do I do today, I try to help the underdog's (those less fortunate than I am....I am not calling them dogs)....so I was telling my friend KIM, I bet I can tell a lot about a person by the color of crayons they used as a kid...thus "The Crayon Profiler"....the only thing I can't figure out yet is why I like black....I think it represents my strange sense of humor that is a little weird, according to some people

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New Additions

Wow, I didn't realize just how long it has been since I have blogged. I can just never find the time to do it.   In the last two years, we have moved, buried my father-in-law, married a daughter, a niece, had our second grand baby in May, with another grand baby due in September, 2 fundraiser's for our WOWS organization, been on our long trip to Arizona, and now looking forward to our Nancy, France trip in the Fall. I keep promising to do a better job, but I never seem to do it. I have to say that since the last time I have been on to blog, the whole site has changed. Does anyone have any pointers to help me out...I think I have almost forgotten how to do it?