Okay...let me explain about my new blog...."the Crayon Profiler"....I was talking with a friend, discussing a new look for my blog and this is what I came up with....I was telling her a story of when I was a little girl and my favorite thing on earth was crayons....I loved every color, and being a lover of crayons, I loved the color RED....but it was such a dominate color and all the kids wanted to use it because they wanted to stand out....and so I felt sorry for the color PINK....it wasn't used as much ....so I chose to use the color PINK (the underdog color of crayons)....and what do I do today, I try to help the underdog's (those less fortunate than I am....I am not calling them dogs)....so I was telling my friend KIM, I bet I can tell a lot about a person by the color of crayons they used as a kid...thus "The Crayon Profiler"....the only thing I can't figure out yet is why I like black....I think it represents my strange sense of humor that is a little weird, according to some people

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Project "Front Porch"

Recently my mother was going to get rid of her front porch white wicker furniture...I asked her if I could have it since she was going to throw it away....she also had a swing that was green and the cushions were very weathered and she wanted to get rid of it too...I asked if I could have that too....she just wanted to throw them away thinking that they were ruined....I could see a lot of potential in it all with a few cans of paint and new cushions...I brought them home and repainted and now have a brand new front porch and it is my very favorite place to be...every morning drinking coffee and Bible study, and then sometimes, I even take my laptop out to do work....it has kept me busy and really liking working outdoors and staying out there....I am enjoying every minute of it until the hot Texas weather hits, then I am not sure where I will be.
This is the long view from one end...I even painted our old swing that I had on our front porch that is in the front part of this picture and added a cushion.
The swing she thought had no hope, I primed and painted it, added cushons and a new canopy...the canopy if just pinned up there temporarily since my sewing machine is not working...I have to buy a new sewing machine.
This is a close up view...it is now a chocolate brown instead of a green.
Just part of the wicker furniture, it came with this little love seat, a plant stand, two chairs and a table that are all grouped together
I added a cross by the front door that one of my mother's friends gave me. I thought it added a nice touch...don't look at the shadow of the woman in the window.
The old swing that my husband painted red along with the porch, the back porch, the poles on the back porch...he went a little red happy and I thought I would blend in some new colors, making the red porch not stand out as much.


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Beautiful!!! Great job.....enjoy this beautiful weather while you can. I agree - God is all around us in the beauty of His creation! Love you.

Kimi said...

I look forward to swinging on the swing and sipping on a ice cold diet coke with you some day soon.

It looks fabulous darling!!!


linda said...

I'd say you scored big time! Your porch looks so inviting, I'd be spending alot of time out there too!

Isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do!?!

Scrappy Girl said...

That looks so nice...a great place to sit and chat and drink some sweet tea!

Jill and Rick said...

Tammy, the furniture looks wonderful! I'm so glad that you thought to do this. Not only do you have gorgeous furniture to dress up your porch and a cozy place to hang out, but you've also got a little piece of your mama there with you. Love it.