Okay...let me explain about my new blog...."the Crayon Profiler"....I was talking with a friend, discussing a new look for my blog and this is what I came up with....I was telling her a story of when I was a little girl and my favorite thing on earth was crayons....I loved every color, and being a lover of crayons, I loved the color RED....but it was such a dominate color and all the kids wanted to use it because they wanted to stand out....and so I felt sorry for the color PINK....it wasn't used as much ....so I chose to use the color PINK (the underdog color of crayons)....and what do I do today, I try to help the underdog's (those less fortunate than I am....I am not calling them dogs)....so I was telling my friend KIM, I bet I can tell a lot about a person by the color of crayons they used as a kid...thus "The Crayon Profiler"....the only thing I can't figure out yet is why I like black....I think it represents my strange sense of humor that is a little weird, according to some people

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Anniversaries....what a scary word for some of us....we all have them....an anniversary of some kind. I have just gone through the anniversary of my dad's death and it was harder than I had ever imagined...it has taken me awhile to get back to normal....thus the reason for not blogging....I have to admit, I miss the blogging world, I have been keeping myself busy with projects at home, at work and other people's projects. Anything to keep my mind off of realizing that I have been without my dad for over a year now.

I am coming up on the anniversary of my son leaving for the Marine Corp. that forever changed him as a man....a husband...and someone I cannot even relate to anymore. I am so thankful that he is happily married, but I miss my son.

The anniversary of the death of my friend's son, Justin....thinking of how beautiful he was and how he loved the unlovable people in the world and had so much to offer and the heartbreak that his parents are still going through when they received that phone call on Easter Sunday 4 years ago.

The anniversary of the death of my step dad who was shot and killed by his brother on the church parking lot just 5 years ago.

The anniversary of receiving a 28,000 square foot building free of charge.

I have been going through all of these different anniversaries and completely forgot about my marriage anniversary....has any other woman forgot her anniversary before? I have been so focused on the heartbreaking anniversaries that I forgot to celebrate the one great anniversary with the love of my life. How sad, I have been so busy being depressed, grieving and feeling sorry for myself and those that I love that I forgot to be thankful for the anniversaries that I still have. It is sad when a husband has to remind his wife in front of a neighbor that you just met that it is your anniversary. What does a woman do to make up for fogetting? How do I make it up to my husband who in the past several months has been a walking Jesus to me....how grateful I am and full of love for my man who has been walking with me, treating me like a QUEEN. I have no tricks up my sleeve....no ideas of what I should do, I am completely clueless. Does anyone have any ideas (did I forget to mention that it has to be on a small budget)....what can I do? Please help!!!


Patti said...

Wow Tammie!! I was just asking Kim about your yesterday! I have missed you and your posts!! Im so sorry you have been grieving over all these sad anniversaries. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you thru this. I think your husband would probably appreciate a nice quiet evening(maybe a candlelight dinner) at home with you more than anything. Just time for the two of you alone. That just an idea from me. Hope it helps! Love you girl!!

Sherrie Kulwicki said...

The best gift you can give him is to forgive yourself. "There is a time to mourn...." He understands that and God does too. But that said, now rejoice in what you do have. I'm learning too. Thank you for remembering the things of wonder about my Justin. You are a great friend. I love you!

Sharon said...

It is nice to see you back. I have missed you.
Happy to hear that your sweet hubby has been there for you.
Maybe to make up to him you could fix a very romantic meal.
God bless

De said...

Try writing him a "love letter" of all the things that made you fall in love with him from the begining and the ones that have come from the marriage as it grew over the years. It is something he will have always...and something maybe your kids can cherrish generations to come! (( hugs )) missed ya!